March 25, 2007

Sleep. Where'd it go?

Isn't it amazing how kids can sleep just about anywhere and is the most uncomfortable looking positions? The other day we were heading to Portland to take Michael the see the Eye and ENT Drs. and the kids fell asleep before we had driven 10 miles. Oh, how I wish I could sleep like that. I have been having the worst week with sleeping. For two nights in a row I had really bad heartburn and could only sleep downstairs sitting in the recliner. (Which isn't the most restful of places to sleep.) Then I slipped outside and wrenched my back. It feels fine now but it was hard to get comfortable without moving. Then last night the strangest thing kept happening. My arms kept falling asleep! Whichever side I happened to be sleeping on was the arm that fell asleep. So I would wake up, grab the sleeping arm with my other arm and flop it to the other side as I turned over. This went on all night! What causes that? So hopefully tonight will go better. I'm thinking about taking a Tylenol PM so I can hopefully get at least one good nights' sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I popped onto your Blog through CHFWeb.

If you're still having problems with your arms falling asleep, you may have pregnancy induced carpel tunnel. I had that with my last two pregnancies, not fun! I had to sleep wearing wrist splints and keep my arms out straight while lying on my sides. Also, do not rest your head on your arm (which I always do, if I'm on my left side, my left arm is under my pillow/head). The carpel tunnel goes away about a week or two after giving birth. Hang in there!