April 22, 2007

Fridays Surgery

Michael had his second (and hopefully last) sinus surgery on Friday. His check in time was 9:30 and surgery was scheduled for 11:00. His Dr. told us that the surgery would most likely last two to three hours. They were going to go in through his nostril and clear out the sinus area behind and above his left eye. If they couldn't get to everything that way they were going to make an incision below his eyebrow and drill a hole to get the rest. You can kinda see the incision in the picture. (Sorry its so blurry.) He is wearing a sinus sling to help with the bloody nose he had for a while.
So today is Sunday and he is feeling sore and crabby. He is having some post-surgery swelling and has numbness that covers half his forehead back into his hairline. I really hope the numbness is temporary but there is a possibility that it won't be. We'll go back for a post op visit next Monday. His Dr. took a lot of 'action' shots during the surgery and will give us a copy of those. I'm sure Michael will have me post some of those.

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