April 23, 2007

A New Template!

So how do you like my 'new' layout? I had so much fun changing things around. I have a ton of things I am going to be adding to my side bar so be sure to scroll all the way down to check it out!

Lately my blog seems to have turned into a medical update blog. I am going to be moving away from that and going back to the family/homeschooling/homemaking blog that I started out with. I have SO many resources and ideas I want to share! Hopefully some of you will share with me too. (I will still be making occasional medical updates. Just not every post)

Today Devon and I went over her last four weeks of schoolwork and finished up anything that wasn't completed. I think we'll be doing this every four weeks to make sure she's understanding everything and not skipping the hard stuff! We've also been tweaking her schedule a little bit to include more of the things that I have a tendency to overlook. For example, I really dislike science curriculums so I haven't been making sure Devon does hers everyday. So we talked about it and she is going to continue with interest led studies through eighth grade. Then we'll switch to Apologia Science. This should work well considering she LOVES science.

* Note- An example of interest led studies...yesterday Devon and the little ones found a caterpillar in our front yard. They went out to the garage and found a critter carrier to put it in. They asked me to take them to the library to find books on caterpillars and their environment. So we went to the library and found some books, came home and went through our own bookcases looking for more bug books and eventually added the types of plants, grass, etc to the carrier to make the caterpillar at home. So they will be watching daily for any changes and will hopefully be able to see the caterpillar go through its metamorphosis.

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