April 9, 2007

Grandma was Moved Today

(This post has nothing to do with Ryan but I thought it was too cute to leave in a folder.)
This morning I got a call from the social worker at the hospital Grandma is at. She told me that Gram was being discharged and we needed to choose which Nursing Facility we wanted her to go to!!! I said we didn't want her in a nursing home! She comes home to us. Well, it turns out that her Dr. wants her on IV antibiotics for two weeks and she can't do that at home. I guess Medicare doesn't pay for home IV care. So I called around and spoke to some people who know about the nursing homes in this area. One of them just went through their annual State Certification so they had everything top notch. We picked that one! It also turns out that it is pretty close to our house so we can visit often. I think we are going to be going at least three times a day so we can feed her. The Nursing Facility has meals in the dining room three times a day. To have someone come to Grandmas room and feed her would mean having one less aide in the dining room to help. So We will be heading down there to cover her meals. Otherwise they would be trying to put her in a wheelchair three times a day with a BROKEN HIP!! Which reminds me...after six weeks post heart attack she will be able to have her hip repaired. That should be the end of this month.

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