May 20, 2007

Isn't She Cute!

Today was a weird day. I had some hormonal issues and spent part of the morning bawling my eyes out. No real reason...just felt like it. I'm better now ;-) We were planning on going to a birthday party this afternoon but just taking a shower wiped me out so we decided to stay home. I'll probably head over to Christines Restaurant this week to give Mandy a gift for Cameron and introduce them to Payton. Tomorrow is Michaels first day back to work and he's looking foreword to it. I'm going to sleep downstairs with Payton so he can get plenty of sleep.
Tomorrow is also our first official day of school in the schoolroom. The kids are in there just about everyday coloring or working on something but tomorrow I will actually have some type of schedule for them.
Today was a great day with Payton. She slept pretty much the whole day but did wake up every now and then to eat. Last night she woke up around 1am and again at 5am to eat but slept the rest of the night. Let's all pray that continues!

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