May 19, 2007

Saturday Evening

I was planning on making my next post all about the birthing experience. I was going to tell all the details on how I had horrible contractions and didn't get any sleep. But those things don't seem like such a big thing anymore. I have a beautiful little girl to show for it. How could I possibly complain about anything?
Yesterday my Mom brought my kids to the hospital to meet Payton. They were so excited to see the baby. When Michael and I got home today they came running out of the house and climbed into the back of the van to see her. Ryan asked 'Do we get to keep her?!' Like maybe we'd have to leave her at the hospital or something! Everytime I held her today he would run over to put his finger in her hand so she would hold it. So I guess he thinks she a keeper.


Marianna said...

Hooray!! Congratulations! I can't wait to see her and hold her myself! She's one more reason I'm glad to be coming home in July :)

Stay Home Mom said...

She is very cute can't wait to see her some time when your ready for company and your brother said Congratulations.I called Friday and spoke with MIchael you were asleep Congrats.