May 5, 2007

The Long Awaited 'Action Shots'

While we were at Michaels post op appt yesterday his Dr. gave us a CD of the pictures he took. Michael was pretty excited to get them and thinks they look pretty cool. I personally think they are gross. Maybe if it wasn't my Honeys' forehead with the hole drilled in it I would feel a little different. Anyway, I'm only going to post one of the pictures. It is from the outside and shows the incision they made. The dark circle in the middle is the hole they drilled to get at his sinus from another angle. You can also see that his eyes are taped shut. Thats kinda creepy but I guess its something they do in all surgeries.

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Teresa said...

Chelsea! I nearly passed out looking at this picture. Eewww...your poor honey. I would have made him wear a black pirate patch so that I didn't have to see it!