May 3, 2007

May 3, 2007

Today is the one year anniversary of me starting this blog. I can hardly believe its only been a year. So much has happened! I was going through the archives last night and rereading old posts. My family has certainly changed! My kids are growing up so fast. In a few weeks Michael and I will have our sixth wedding anniversary and our newest daughter will be born.

Today is also Grandmas memorial service. Part of me is sad that she's gone but I know where she is and that she has a new heavenly body. A body that is healthy and strong. Now she can walk freely and talk and not be held back by disease or injury. I'll probably always miss her but I know that one day I'll see her again.
(This is one of the first pictures I posted on my blog.)

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Teresa said...


I am so sorry to hear about your Grandma. Mostly sad for you guys, because as you already know so well, she is fine now. It's hard for us to miss them though. How lucky she was to have had all of you these past 10 years. I especially love that the kids got to know and love her as well.

Your Mom gave me your blog address last week and I want you to know that I have read every inch of it. How gorgeous your family is! All of your children are adorable. Glad the new baby is coming, you two excell at the baby making thing.

Chelsea, you are a fabulous mother. You are so creative and home schooling! Wow! I never could have managed that...even with one child. You be proud of your little self. I will be watching and will give you a shout every now and then. Thank goodness...your mom needs a little help in the communicating department. Love to all of you and God Bless