May 14, 2007


Today is another sunny day. The kids are playing outside and I'm getting some more cleaning done. I cleaned my bedroom last night (it looked like a tornado hit it) and today I plan on hitting the kids' room. I want to run to the grocery store today or tomorrow and get enough apples to dehydrate for the kids. Maybe a pineapple or two.
Michael talked to his boss this morning. They are both ready for Michael to get back to work! So as long as Michaels Dr. ok's it he'll be heading back next Monday. They have some light duty work for him the first week just to make sure he doesn't overdo it.
You know what I discovered this morning? Ryan knows his alphabet backwards! We were playing a game where he says ' What starts with A?' and I would say apple or avocado. Then he'd ask about B and so on. We got to letter F and he says 'I know! Let's do it backwards!' I was so surprised when he asked about Z,Y,X,W,etc without any help! Where'd he learn that? Michael was looking around for a letter chart or something he was getting it from but there was nothing in the room that had the alphabet on it!

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