May 12, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

I haven't taken any pictures lately so you guys are stuck with a picture of Millie and her babies for Mothers Day. I realize its not until tomorrow but I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to post then.
So I'll do some quick updates. Thursday I went to my OB appointment and everything is fine. I still hope to be induced next week but that will depend on whether or not there are lots of other women in labor.
On Friday I went to buy a few more baby things. I got some bibs, receiving blankets and a few outfits. I also bought a 5x5 rug to go in the schoolroom. Michael and I mowed the front yard (he did most of it) and took a load to the dump.
Today (Saturday) I went to a Mothers Day brunch with my Mom. I was held at our church and my Aunt Robin was one of the speakers. When we got home I discovered that Michael and his Mom had put the border up in the schoolroom!! I just LOVE the way it looks. I'll try to get some pictures to post. I'm still adding posters and rearranging the room so I want to wait until I have it the way I like it before I show everyone.

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