June 4, 2007

Ahoy there, Matey!

This week we are studying Pirates! We have a bunch of books to read, a few movies to watch and a new song to learn. I'm really looking forward to this unit study. The kids and I are going to paint and decorate our treasure chests and have a treasure hunt with 'real' treasure maps.

Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson (RA)
Pirates 'Most Wanted' - John Matthews
Treasure Hunts - Lenny Hort
How I became A Pirate - Melinda Long
100 things You Should Know About Pirates - Andrew Langley
Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End - Look & Find
Pirateology - Candlewick Press
Pirates Past Noon - Mary Pope Osborn (RA)

Pirate Treasure - Backyardigans
Pirates of the Caribbean 3

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - Veggie Tales

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