June 5, 2007


The treasure chest idea is a bust. Kaput. Not gonna happen.

This morning I sent Ryan downstairs to go to the bathroom. (We're trying to potty train him. So far no night time accidents.) Anyhoo, I must have`dozed off because the next thing I know its 20 minutes later and Regan is telling me that Ryan is painting in the schoolroom. I jumped up and ran downstairs to find our ENTIRE supply of paint ALL OVER the room. He just held the bottles upside down and squeezed. Oh, he was also nakey with lots of 'body art'. I went and got my Mom who watched Payton for me while I tossed Ryan and Regan in the shower. Apparently Regan stood too close to Ryan while he was creating his masterpiece and her head was mistaken for a canvas.

So I have thrown out all the remaining paint. I'm not sure if I'll ever buy anymore. Okay, I know I will but I'll also purchase one of those Brinks Home Safes to store it in.

Here's a picture we took after most of the paint was cleaned up. The desktop and floor cleaned up pretty easily. The wall and edge of the desk are going to be a challenge. The area rug I had in there is ruined. I'm glad I didn't have wall to wall carpet in there.

It's been a pretty long day. I think I'll go to bed now.

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Teresa said...

Oh, Chelsea. I am so sorry for all of that mess but to be honest, it made me laugh until I nearly had "an accident". I am glad you took the picture but I do wish you had taken pictures of Ryan's body art...he and Regan together. God Love Ya All!