June 21, 2007

Homeschooling Tips & Advice w/ linky!

Kelly at Pass the Torch is putting together a resource for new homeschoolers. She is asking everyone to write a post listing your tips and tricks of homeschoolong and link it to her blog. Here is a link to her post. Enjoy!

1. Relax! Homeschooling your children is an amazing experience. And while you may want to do it perfectly right from the start this isn't likely. (Well, for me anyway!) So just relax and enjoy the adventure!

2. Research! There are MANY different styles of homeschooling and curriculum choices. Some are classical while others are unschoolers. Read books and blogs, talk to other homeschoolers in your area and find a local support group. Take your time and find what fits YOUR family. And find out your childrens learning styles. That will make a HUGE difference.

3. Read! This fits in with the research part but it is so important I thought I should give its own number (3) Please! Encourage your children to read. If they don't like to read then read to them. This will open so many doors for them. It will help with history, science, language arts, well, everything!


Kelly - PTT said...

Excellent advice! Thanks for joining us!

Kathy at Brokenhomeschool said...

Loved your post! I think "relax" is probably the best advice out there for homeschooling.

My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving said...

I love it! I always want to tell new moms "Relax-- you are doing fine." Same with new homeschoolers. Great post!


Alexandra said...

Great tips...I love researching. I had the most fun doing this when I started. Love your picture...you have some darling children. Too precious!