June 22, 2007

What A Day!

Today started out so nice. My Mom needed to run down to the hospital (at 7:30!) to have some lab work done and she took Payton with her so I could get some sleep. She even took her to visit Aunt Robin so I could sleep even more! When she got home she had donuts with her so I didn't have to cook breakfast! After a while we went outside and attempted to put the trampoline together. I'd say we got about halfway done before we had to leave to do some errands and go pick up Devons friend. We went to the DOL to get a truck transfered out of our name, picked up the brake pads and rotors for my Moms car, stopped for gas and picked up some some lunch. I took Regan and Ryan home and left to go pick up Ashley. Once home we finished putting the trampoline together and let the kids jump for a while. I have an enclosure I want to set up tomorrow to make it a little safer. At some point the dogs got out so Devon and Ashley went chasing after them. While they were gone Ryan decided the kitties needed a bath. Unfortunately the water was too deep and Ryan didn't know they couldn't swim. So one of the kitties didn't make it. My Mom and I rubbed the other ones with towels and got them warmed up and now they are doing great. At the end of the day everyone was so tired that they just flopped on the sofas and looked at books. I think this trampoline is going to be a great investment. Those kids were so wiped out!

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