July 9, 2007

Hot Mama Revolution

Sarah over at MeTheMama has started a weekly meme for all the Moms who have gone from women who put an effort into their appearance to Moms who exist in jeans, t-shirts and pony tails. So every Monday she is going to put up a new post with goals, ideas and inspiration to help us find the Hot mama inside. She has asked everyone who is interested to post their own ideas, etc on their blog then link it to her so everyone can enjoy. Here are my goals.

1. I will do my best to take a shower and do my hair before Michael gets home from work. No more staying in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms most of the day.

2. Find my mascara and eye liner and actually use them!

3. Put those old gray t-shirts in the trash! They served me well for the many years I had them. Now its time to say goodbye. (*sniff* This is a little harder than I thought it'd be)


Sarah said...

I'm not sure what it is, but there is something so difficult about getting rid of old ratty t-shirts. I think I'll throw one or two out today too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Damelee said...

This is funny, Chelsea. You have nocomments for weeks, and then 2 about your old ratty 5-shirts.

I have tosay, I will be gladto see them go. lol

Chelsea said...

this is nice Mom. Thanks for the encouragement.;-)

Sarah said...

I was just lookin' at your blog when I got your comment. The linkies decided to disappear midday today. No clue why. But anyway,please relink if ya don't mind. :) Thanks.