July 8, 2007

Vandals Vandalized My Van

Sometime last night my car stereo was stolen. Michael came in this morning and told me. At first it really upset me but the more I thought about it the less it bothered me. I mean, yeah its irritating to have someone steal something but its only a stereo.
I was reading the paper yesterday and right on the front page was an article about the increased gang violence in the area. The week of the 4th there were TWO drive by shootings! One of them was on the 4th and no one was at home when the shooting happened. they just came home to bullet holes in their house. The other resulted in a male (I don't know his age) being air lifted to the nearest trauma hospital. I think there were two threats to our local high school last year that resulted in lots of police, SWAT teams and bomb squads being called in. Luckily nothing happened.
So after reading that I have decided that a stereo isn't so important. At least my family is ok.
The lilac trees didn't fare so well though. They usually block our view of the vehicles so Michael decided to remove them and hopefully remove the temptation to break into them.

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Stay Home Mom said...

The shooting was here and there was some one home and me and the landlord here went and knocked on there door the other kid that was shot was and is 16.Me and Micheal heard the shots on the 4th it freaked us out