July 15, 2007


This weekend has been super busy and productive. We moved the spare fridge from the laundry room to the side porch and moved the pantry that was on the side porch to the laundry room. That was a huge pain. The fridge didn't fit through the doorway so we had to take the doors off. BUT the doors had electric wires connecting them to the main body of the fridge so I had to walk along beside it holding a door while Michael moved it in to place. Not fun. But now its done and I like the new setup. It was a HUGE pain having to run to the laundry room every time I was cooking something and needed another ingredient.

I also worked on a new lap quilt. Here is a picture of the progress I've made so far. Last night I pinned all the squares together. (In rows) Today I sewed the squares together and then pinned the rows together. Hopefully I'll be able to get them sewn tonight.

Devon asked me last night if I would teach her how to sew. I told her I would teach her how to sew by hand first then we'd find a sewing class to take together that teaches how to use the machine. So she looked through one of my craft books and decided she wanted to make a vintage looking teddy bear. Here it is. The book suggested using a red plaid flannel (for the vintage look) but I didn't have any. I think it looks great for a first effort! She even found some buttons to add.

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Sarah said...

Just wanted to let you know that the Hot Mama Revolution has officially begun and you can stop by Ordinary Days to pick up a button. :)