July 15, 2007

Hot Mama Revolution - Jewelry

My new goals for this week include the ones from last week (didn't do as well as I'd hoped) and a few more. This week I am going to wear jewelry. Shock! Awe! I am not much of a jewelry person but I've got to admit that it does make an outfit look nicer. So I'm pulling out the earrings and maybe a bracelet.

I have a question for you. Does anyone else get asked "Are we going somewhere?" everytime you do your hair or put on a non-tshirt? maybe it's just me. or not. Maybe I'm asking for a friend because that would never happen to me.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

White t-shirt and jeans= Frumpy.
White t-shirt, jeans, and chunky necklace= Super cute!
It's amazing what some jewelry can do. And yes, I get the, "Hey! What's the special occasion?" line all the time. Hopefully that will taper off if I keep at this whole revolution thing. :)