July 17, 2007

Boo Hoo!

Does anyone mind if I cry for a little? My camera isn't working right now. I hope it isn't anything major and Michael can fix it. He can fix anything, you know.
I was going to show you some pictures of the projects I've been working on but since the camera is out of commission I'll just have to tell you about them. Hopefully I'll be able to post the pics later.
I finished putting the lap quilt top together and I think it looks great! That gave me the confidence to try some other things. I found a picture online of a clothespin bag and copied the look of it so I could make a holder for my patterns. I used a baby blue/light green seersucker fabric and it looks good too. I made Devon a reusable fabric notebook cover, a foam filled cube for the kids to play catch with (its better than the soccer ball they were throwing in the living room) and a sleeve for the neck warmer to fit in.
Man, I really wish I could post the pictures.

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