July 18, 2007

WFMW- First Aid Kit

Around my house we need a LOT of fist aid supplies (read: band aids) and my medicine cabinet was overflowing. What with all the cough medicine (for every age imaginable) and the various antiseptic sprays. So I went out and bought a tackle box -well, two actually. One for the house and one for the car- and loaded it up with all the things I might. Like gauze pads, band aids, bactine, hand sanitizer, band aids, suckers, wet ones and...band aids! (My kids still think a band aid + mommy's kiss makes EVERYTHING all better.

This is my Works For me Wednesday. I hope it works for you too.

Remember to have your cat spayed or neutered!


Mari said...

This is a good idea. I do a version of this too and it is nice to have everything together, instead of digging through a closet or drawer to find it!

Dawn said...

This is a great idea. We have first-aid kits that we bought, but the boxes are too narrow and you really have to work at getting everything in there perfectly, and it's hard to fit everything we need. A tackle box is a much better idea.