July 12, 2007

Todays Accomplishments...so far

Today I have decided to start tackling the to do list I made last month. I have painted half of the laundry room minus the trim. I am waiting for Michael to move the washer and dryer so I can paint the rest of the room. I need to go get some more beige for the trim. I'm painting the laundry room the same shade of green (sage) as the schoolroom so while I had the paint out I went in and fixed the paint job Ryan did a while back.

I have done about four loads of laundry and need to do a few more. (Bedding) I have swept and mopped the living room and dining room. Man, I really miss Janelle! She is the girl who comes by twice a week and cleans the bathroom and does the floors. Right now her family is on vacation to Montana. Good news though! She'll be back on Monday!!

The kids are reorganizing the book cases for me today. They have been shoving the books in the shelves and it needs some serious TLC.

The UPS man came today! He brought the new reading curriculum I bought for the kids. I ordered the deluxe phonics kit from Starfall.com. In addition to the stuff we got today the website offers online games, stories and movies to reinforce what they are learning. I ordered the plush characters to go along with our lessons.

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