August 28, 2007

Hi Mary!!

Today I finally got a hold of Mary. Mary was my very best friend when I lived in California. After I moved up here we lost contact. I have tried a few times to find her using information or doing a people search online but never had any luck. Then today I tried again and was connected to a lady by the same name (different spelling) who knew the Mary I was looking for. She gave me the number of a family who lived a few towns over but had the right last name. It turned out to be Marys sister in law. After I convinced her I wasn't a bill collector or anything like that she gave me Mary's cell number.
It was so crazy talking to her! She had to go to bed (I forgot about the three hour time difference) so I gave her my blog address to check out and promised to call her back tomorrow.
So she will probably be reading this soon. I had to do a quick check back on my blog to see what I wrote and make sure there wasn't anything embarassing here. There are tons of craft pictures! (Sorry if I bored you guys with that. ) I think its ok. I think.

P.S. Theresa: she lives near you!

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