August 26, 2007

Ryan Got Hurt. Part 5,184.

Saturday morning Ryan was trying to pull a basket off Michaels dresser and pulled the alarm clock down too. The corner of the clock left a half inch gash that bled ALL OVER THE PLACE!! man can that boy bleed. I was downstairs when it happened and heard him crying. When I got to the bottom of the stairs to head up there he was standing at the top leaning over and the blood was dripping down his face, off his chin and into a puddle by his feet. I kinda freaked and told Michael (who was coming up beside me) "you got this one." We ended up taking him to the ER (the only place open on Saturday) to have it looked at. I asked if we could have it glued instead of stitched and the Dr. said that would be fine. Here is a picture of the cut after they had cleaned it up. Doesn't look too bad, does it? We left the hospital and Michael wanted to stop and look at some tires before we went home. So Ryan, Regan and I were sitting in the car while Michael asked some guy if they had the size he needed. I was talking to Regan and turned around to look at her and saw Ryan bump his newly glued head with a cup he was drinking from. Off comes the glue and the blood starts flowing AGAIN. The guy talking to Michael glanced over at us and saw Ryans head. he ran inside to get some paper towels while I suggested to Michael that it might be time to head home. When we got home I tried to convince Ryan that he should sit still for a while so he didn't bump his head again but he's a three year old boy and they don't know how to sit still. So we played Dr. and I let him be the patient and wrapped gauze around his head to protect the cut a little.
Last night as I was kissing him and telling him good night he looked at me and said "What a crazy day."
I love that kid.

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