August 12, 2007

Quality Time with Dad

This weekend Michael tried really hard to spend time with each of the kids one on one. I think its been hard for him being gone all week. So he took Regan out skating as soon as he got home from work on Friday. She asked him while they were talking on the phone Thursday and was looking forward to it all day Friday.
Ryan has been running a fever most of this week so Michael just did a lot of snuggling and watching movies (LOTS of Dora) with him.
Today Michael took Devon out in the 'monster truck'. He wanted to take it into the hills and try out the new tires he put on it. Then they headed over to Christines to hang out with Jake. Michael decided it was a good time to teach Devon gun safety. So he showed her how to load a 22, fire it and clean it. And not point it at anything other than the ground until you are ready to fire. I'm not sure how I feel about her handling guns. I realize she's growing up but I still see her as my little girl.

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