August 11, 2007

This Weeks Happenings

This week has been a week of creativity. The kids have been painting, sewing, building and glueing up a storm. Here are a few of the pictures I took of their masterpieces. Prepare to be amazed!

The firts picture is of the kids decorating their new pencil boxes. I don't think they understood that they were actually going to be using them. They are so covered in various puffs, flowers and wooden cutouts that I'm thinking they will be used as centerpieces instead.

The second picture is one of Regan and her new pillow. She picked out the fabric (pink flannel for the front and pink cammo cotton for the back) I cut out the pieces, sewed on the R and sewed the last bit closed. She sewed 3.5 sides and stuffed it.

The last picture is of Ryan and Regan painting pictures for the sewing room. I think they have made it their mission to cover my walls in their artwork.

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