August 6, 2007

Picture Post

Regan decided to help me out in the sewing room today. First she added straight pins to the new pincushion I made.Then she 'organized' my buttons
Here are a couple pictures of my growing fabric collection. I have so many projects on my 'to make' list! I really need to get started. The first one is mainly fat quarters.
This one has 1/2 yard pieces. Most things I'm making so far don't require large amounts of fabric so I have a lot of fabric that is a yard or less. Here is some fabric I got in the mail today. The top stack is for me.
And this one is for the kids.
Here is a close up shot of the pincushion I made this morning.

Here is the cork board I hung up to showcase the kids work. You can kinda see the potholders they made for me. Ryans is the one with the ends sticking out all over.

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