August 5, 2007

Sunday Visitin'

Today Michael and I took the kids out to Pe Ell for the first annual Pork & Pie Days. Catchy name huh? His Aunt Christine had a booth set up and was selling her scrumptious pies! The whole town was having activities like pig calling contests, greased pig catching contest and a Bluegrass band. There was a lot of other stuff but we got there too late. I went to a quilt show and got SO many ideas! Oh, there was also a yard sale that just happened to be between the pie stand and Michaels moms house. So I stopped there and found the cutest kids apron. AND the pattern to make more! After everyone closed up the pie booth we all met up at Lonnie & Cindys house for a BBQ. So between the shopping, pies, BBQ and family- I'd say it was a great day!

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