May 12, 2008

For Mothers Day this year Michael took the kids shopping for items I can use in the new sewing/craft room. Devon found this Desktop Rotary Trimmer for me to use when I scrapbook.

Regan wanted to get me a new wooden playground/swingset but Michael talked her into finding something I could use for sewing. She found a scissor set that included a 10 in. fabric scissor, an 8 in fabric/paper scissor, a 5 in craft scissor and a scissor sharpener. I'm not sure but I think the brand is CuttingEdge. I tried to find the packaging to show a picture of it but I think its been thrown away.
Then Michael and Ryan took me to two fabric shops. They had me pick three quilt patterns and fabric for one of them. I also picked up a template for a windmill quilt and some insul-brite for the water bottle carrier I am going to make.

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