May 4, 2008

Sunday Evening and All Is Quiet

I realize I have been rather flaky in my posting but honestly, sometimes life gets really busy and I forget stuff. Or, more accurately, sometimes I remember things. And right now the kids are asleep, its very quiet and I finally remembered, "Oh yeah! I have a blog."

So let's see...what have I been doing? Hmmm.. Tonight I watched a movie called Mr. Bean with Devon. I know some of you are absolutely shocked by that. Well, let me say that I am too. I just can't stand dumb movies. Spoofs are the worst. Which is unfortunate since those seem to be Michaels favorite. Luckily, the kids love them. Regan goes around quoting Men in Tights all the time. ALL THE TIME. And singing 'We are the men' (Bobs up and down) 'Men, Men'. She really reminds me of Marianna the way she remembers the lines of movies.

Oh, I'm not sure why I thought this was such a great idea but I have decided to rearrange three different rooms at the same time. I have this problem of not being able to fall asleep at night. So I just lay there in bed thinking. Of things to do. Like rearranging rooms. Someone get me some Ambien!

My new favorite meal is Chicken Yakisoba. Oh yum! Just thinking about it makes me want to jump in the van and go get some. Unfortunately, in this town everything closes at 10. Maybe tomorrow.

One of the rooms I changed around was the schoolroom. I moved my sewing and scrapbooking stuff in there so I could have more room to work. It seemed a little silly to have an entire room for doing schoolwork with the kids when we always end up at the dining room table or curled up on the sofa. (Sofa means couch)

Whenever I am talking and say 'sofa' Michael always announces 'Sofa means couch' so everyone is sure to understand me. He does it when I say soda too. Here in backwards Washington it's called 'Pop.'

About the picture. Ryan tells me he can now climb the apple tree. Apparently when you are four years old hugging the lowest branch translates into climbing. Anyone want to guess how many times he is going to fall out of said apple tree this summer?

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