May 5, 2008

Two Years

I can't believe I missed it! Saturday (the 3rd) was the two year anniversary of me starting this blog! I was planning on doing a big commemorative post but my creative juices have evaporated. So in place of something witty I will take a trip down memory lane and relive some of the past two years. We lived at the pool for about six months while the kids had swimming lessons.
We took a vacation that was so much fun we still talk about it.
We had,oh, maybe 300 dr. visits.
Because Regan needed surgery to remove a bone tumor.And Michael needed sinus surgery.
We had some major flooding in our region.

Grandma went home to be with Jesus.
It snowed.
We had some awesome holidays!

A HUGE family reunion.Some good eats.
And best of all we had a new baby join our family.

What a great two years we've had. Hopefully the next two will be just as good.
Well, minus the surgeries.

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