August 20, 2008

I had planned on taking the month of August to get our home and family ready for the upcoming school year. I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish. School shopping, decluttering, rearranging furniture, planning menus, updating my household notebook...the list was intense. But guess what happened. I'll give you a hint. Two words.

Michael Phelps.
Oh my word! Talk about an intense week! I was staying up way too late to watch him go for gold. Then getting up early with the kids. My energy level suffered and therefore my to do list but it was worth it to see Michael (we're on a first name basis now) get every gold medal he competed for.
But now its time to get things done. I've pretty much done all the school shopping I needed to do and completed three more quilt tops. I've got the kids signed up for soccer & I ordered our 1/2 pig and1/4 beef. Now I need to buy a freezer to put it in. I have appointment for everyone to get haircuts next week and I've signed up for my very first quilt club.
Devon's curriculum is supposed to be shipped next week so hopefully I'll have time to get that ready before Sept. 2. Thats the day Regan and Ryan start their 1/2 days at Evergreen Academy so I'd like it to be Devons first day as well.

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Des said...

Okay, that's too funny. I think Michael Phelps has disrupted quite a few things in my life as well. I see you're a WAVA parent. Doing it again this year? I train and help parents and teachers in the Idaho Virtual Academy. We're practically neighbors. I was just in Couer d'alene this week. Good Luck for your new school year.