September 16, 2008

Have I ever introduced you to my new baby? I bought her in June from a wonderful lady I found through Craigslist.
This is a Baby Lock Quilters Choice. It came with 14 extra feet, an extra wide quilting table, more stitches than I will ever use AND the instruction manual. She also included the original receipt and records from every time she had it serviced.
I have had SO much fun with this machine! I just love it and all the fancy little things it does.


Amy said...

Let me know if you ever need a babysitter for your new baby. I'll come get her if you need me to. She is beautiful and looks as though she can already participate in household you can't say that about all of your other children!


Chelsea said...

After my previous children I have finally learned something! I put this baby to work the day I brought her home. And she's been slavin away ever since!