November 7, 2008

Sunday evening Paytons arm was injured. Devon was holding her and she decided to fling herself backwards. Devon tried to catch her but only managed to grab her arm. Poor Payton started crying and crying. After checking her out and noticing she wasn't moving her right arm I decided to take her to the ER to have it checked out.
I was beyond shocked when the ER doc took us right back to a room and got stuff going. He too thought it was a dislocation but after trying unsuccessfully to get it to pop back into place he ordered xrays. The xray techs brought their machine to our room and took two different views. One of her elbow and one of her wrist. The Er doc looked at them and didn't see a break so he tried again to get her elbow to go back in. No such luck.
So then he thought it might be her shoulder. It was really hard to tell where she hurt because she was freaked out by all the strange people who were touching her and she screamed everytime someone came too close. We had another xray done and even that showed no breaks. The doc was feeling so bad about messing with her arm he said he would try one more time to get the elbow back into place and if that didn't work we would have to have her arm put in a cast/splint.
She got the cast. It went from her fingertips to her shoulder. The ER doc told us to make an appointment with an orthopaedic dr. for Thursday or Friday. When I called to make the appt. they said they could squeeze us in on Wednesday.
The orthopaedic dr. looked at the xrays from the ER and checked her out. He removed her cast and moved her arm around a bit and determined that is was dislocated but had gone back into place. The pain she was feeling was most likely from a tendon getting caught on a bone.
So today is Friday and she is finally using her arm again. It was a little freaky watching her walk around with her arm hanging limply beside her.
Oh, from the time she got hurt to the time we got home from the ER was only three hours! How amazing is that? I've had to spend longer than that just sitting in the waiting room!

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