November 11, 2008

Anyone looking for some really good gift ideas? I know Christmas is coming up and people are wondering what to get their kids that won't end up in the trash in two months. Well, here's an idea for you.
The cleaning basket. I made this for Regan after she begged for a cleaning kit like Devon has. Devon just has a few things she uses for the bathroom. Its nothing special. For Regan I went down to the dollar tree and checked out their cleaning supplies. I found a lime green basket and filled it with lime green cleaning supplies. She just loves it when things coordinate! By she I really mean I.
Some of the things I put in the basket are: a duster, two sizes of scrubbers, a bag of pink scented trash bags (the little ones), a washing mitt, a sponge and a travel size container of all purpose wipes. The girl was in heaven!
I have a few more gift ideas I'll share in the coming weeks.

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