December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving was a big success. We had about twenty people over for dinner. Which I had started preparing for on Monday. I let each of the the kids make their own dish. Devon and Regan each made a pudding pie in a graham cracker crust and Ryan made a jello salad. I made the mashed potatoes on Wednesday and had them warming in the crockpot Thursday morning. That was a huge timesaver! This was also my first year where I made the turkey and ham by myself. We usually buy a spiral cut ham from the store but this year I made one of the hams we had from the pig we had butchered this summer. There wasn't a big difference in the cooking time and it tasted great.
I was a little nervous having that many people over thinking it would be too crowded but I thought a lot about where to set up tables and it worked out really well. There was plenty of room for the guys to watch the Cowboys/Seahawks game (that was just sad) and for people to visit.
So now its on to Christmas and the New Year.

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