September 16, 2009

Our last 'summer' trip to the library produced a few doozies for read aloud time. Can anyone guess how much I regret letting Ryan pick out a book entitled "Chicken Butt"? Payton now runs around the house singing 'Butt, Butt Chicken!' It almost sounds like she's saying 'Bok, Bok chicken' so thats what I'm going to pretend shes saying.

Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy was a good one. Regan and Ryan thought about dressing as those characters for Halloween until Regan remembered that she's going to be Zorro. Man, that girl LOVES her some Zorro! I think 'The Mask of Zorro' has been her favorite movie since she was 2.

So while this was from our last 'summer' trip we are still taking weekly trips to the library. Every Monday we head down there and meet up with a few friends so the kids can hang out. AND so Mom can get a little adult conversation.

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