September 14, 2009

This year I am doing 1st grade with Ryan. I had a few months of stress when I was trying to figure out what on earth I was going to use as our curriculum. I was really leaning towards using Sonlight because I love that its literature based but in the end I just didn't want to spend a boatload of money on our first year.
So instead I went to a few curriculum stores and spent hours looking at all the different books and such. So after much consideration here is what we are doing this year.
For science, writing and language we are using the Evan Moore daily reviews. I LOVE these workbooks! They have practice for him to do each day AND each week there are ideas on how to stretch the lesson further. There are ideas for writing stories, adding details, making the science lessons more hands on, etc.

For math we are using the Singapore math workbooks. So far everything has been easy for him so we haven't actually had a time where he's learning from the books. A few more chapters in and I'll have a better idea on how this will work for him.

For piano we are using the Robert Pace books that Devon started with. I have no idea how to play the piano so for now Devon is working with him on the basics like finger exercises. I have contacted a wonderful girl who teaches piano and Devon, Regan and Ryan will be starting with her in the next month or so.

As our foreign language option we have decided to learn sign language. This year the kids are using the Signing Times videos and flash cards to learn the basic signs. By the time we get through these videos the kids will know the finger spell alphabet and around 200 words.

Ryan is using A Reason for Writing for his handwriting practice. Not a lot to say about this other than I like the fact that he is learning scriptures while practicing handwriting.

I didn't buy an art curriculum. That just seemed like a crazy expense when you consider all the art type supplies we already have. I am having him branch out a little and try new things. So far he's loving it and is more than willing to do art every day!


I mentioned before that Regan is doing part time homeschooling with us. She joins Ryan with science, writing, sign language and sometimes art.


Regan and Ryan practice the piano for 15 -30 minutes and they read aloud to me for 20 minutes.


I think that pretty much cover what we do for school. if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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