April 25, 2007

A Well Stocked Pantry

I love having a well stocked pantry. Being able to cook something without running to the store for 'just one thing' (which always turns out to be a dozen things) is so nice. I have three pantry areas that I use. One is away from the other two and holds the canned foods I buy in bulk. Like tomato sauce, vegetables, beans, sugar, flour, etc. The other two are right next to the refrigerator and hold things I buy in smaller quantities. I call them my everyday pantries. Things like jello, soups, beverages, pasta, almost all my boxed foods, condiments and some canned foods are stored there. I like to shop at Costco and buy things that come three or four to a pack and put one in my everyday pantry and put the rest in the bulk pantry.
With everything thats been going on the last few months I have seriously slacked off on my grocery shopping. So my pantries are showing their neglect. Having Michael home all the time has also been cutting into my surplus. So today I went and looked over everything I have and made a list of what we need. I'll start working on the list this week and hopefully by the time the baby is born I'll have everything checked off.

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